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Senator Mannion allocates $1.95M for farm viability
New York Ag Connection - 12/01/2023

Senator John W. Mannion has announced a $1.95 million allocation for the New York Farm Viability Institute (NYFVI) to enhance research and educational initiatives benefiting the economic sustainability of New York farmers.

During visits to Sorbello and Sons Farms in Fulton and Ballantyne Gardens in Liverpool, Senator Mannion engaged in onion harvesting with precision agricultural technology, witnessing how local farms transition for the holiday season. NYFVI-backed projects on these farms focus on integrated pest management (IPM) and educational programs. Emphasizing NYFVI's crucial role in supporting family farms and agriculture, Senator Mannion highlighted the institute's contribution to technology adoption, marketing improvement, and product development for New York farmers.

The non-profit NYFVI has a successful track record, generating $7 for every dollar invested in programs promoting agricultural education, research, and economic viability. NYFVI's research initiatives encompass areas like reducing harmful antimicrobials, diversifying crops, enhancing crop resilience, and improving soil quality, ultimately benefiting local farmers in marketing and workforce training.

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