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Doig Honored as Top N.Y. Wildlife Conservation Officer
New York Ag Connection - 10/31/2019

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Environmental Conservation Police Officer (ECO) Nathan Doig received the "Officer of the Year" award from the Shikar-Safari Club International in a ceremony hosted by Alan and Barbara Sackman at their home in Port Washington.

"On behalf of DEC, I congratulate ECO Doig for receiving this prestigious honor," said DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos. "ECO Doig is a shining example of the tireless efforts our members of law enforcement exhibit every day to protect and preserve our natural resources for the people of New York State."

Shikar-Safari Club International was founded in 1952 by an international group of hunters interested in exchanging ideas about the sport. Each year the club sponsors an award for the Wildlife Conservation Police Officer of the Year in all 50 states, 10 Canadian provinces, and the territories of both nations, acknowledging the important part ECOs play in local, national, and international wildlife conservation.

ECO Doig grew up on a beef farm in the rural town of Andes, N.Y., in Delaware County. After graduating from Andes Central School in 1999, ECO Doig attended college at SUNY Cortland where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree. After graduation he worked as a surveyor for six months before he was called to attend the police academy in 2004 at age 23. After the academy, he worked with DEC's Long Island Marine Unit until 2008, before transferring to his home county.

ECO Doig is committed to supporting wildlife rehabilitation efforts and local rehabbers. Members of the Delaware County public have repeatedly expressed their appreciation for his efforts in capturing and assisting with the rehabilitation and release of multiple species.

During his time as an officer, ECO Doig has handled various cases ranging from illegal deer to undersized fish and illegal possession of rattlesnakes. He was also involved in a case with multiple federal charges for the illegal commercialization of yellowfin tuna and mako shark.

In 2017, Doig became a member of the NYSDEC Unmanned Arial System (UAS) Drone Unit, which utilizes the aircraft to better respond to emergencies and protect the public.

ECO Doig currently lives in Walton with his wife Jennifer and their two daughters, Hannah and Kaitlyn. When he is not working, Doig enjoys spending time with his family, camping, mountain biking, traveling, golfing, hunting, fishing, and being outdoors.

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