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FarmDrop connects farmers and consumers directly
New York Ag Connection - 09/25/2023

FarmDrop is an online farmers market that connects farmers and consumers. It was founded in 2011 by Hannah Semler and Kelin Welborn.

FarmDrop offers both sellers and buyers 24/7 shopping convenience, a wide array of product selections, ease of delivery and pickup and a consistent source of products desired by individual shoppers.

FarmDrop partners include nonprofit organizations, farmers who can organize the program to benefit other farmers, food markets, restaurants, libraries, bookstores, tasting centers and others.

A small percentage of every purchase goes to support the overall operation of the hub, and a smaller portion goes back to FarmDrop to cover salaries, expenses and improving/expanding the business.

FarmDrop has expanded into 17 different hubs with 45 pickup locations throughout Maine. There are seven hubs in western New York.

Lou and Kaili Wardwell, owners of Abraham’s Goat Farm & Creamery in Newport, Maine, said signing up with FarmDrop has increased the farm’s income and reduced labor costs associated with marketing, delivery, etc. They added the FarmDrop staff is supportive and helpful with all aspects of listing products on its website.

At this stage of its development, hubs operate on “a break-even operation.” FarmDrop takes 10% of sales and supports those hub managers, sometimes with expenses.

Kelly LaCasse, owner of The Maine Meal, located in Skowhegan, near Bangor, recently became a FarmDrop hub. LaCasse said her company is a food processor and provides “middleman” services between producers and customers.

When asked what’s next for FarmDrop, Selmer said, “We’re at a point, right now, where we actually do want to invest in building the right technology for these farms,” Semler said. “We know enough. We’ve done it for enough years. We’ve operationalized it. But our farmers deserve better.”

Selmer said they want to own the technology outright and not depend on third-party plugins and other technology pieces all strapped together.

“We want to have a solid solution that is quick and fast and isn’t deterring anyone from using our site,” she said. “(That way) we can spend more time focusing on the development piece, the participatory design piece and getting the community involved.”

Overall, FarmDrop is a promising online farmers market that is helping to connect farmers and consumers in a convenient and efficient way.

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